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Aspen vacation in the summer coming up. Beautiful!

We’ll be in Aspen this summer. One of our favorite things to do… One of first extended family vacations.

Sample test video to check it out!

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Places I’d like to travel to

These are three places I’d like to visit:

  • Vancouver Vancouver
  • Australia
  • Africa Africa
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Name a favorite summer time dessert or treat

Frozen Bananas. Chocolate covered, nuts and all on a stick. Great summer treat. Not as fatening as ice cream almost as yummy. Refreshing!

Frozen bananas with nuts

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if your house was on fire, what would you grab first?

If it were me, Mr. techno, of course, it would be all of our computers. 

All my work, pictures, music, financial records of importance, are there.  It’s small, but my life is virtually packed on to it.

Uh, yes, I’d grab wallets, cash, car keys… did I forget my wife and kids?  The guiena pig? Well, maybe not.

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